●  Monte Lussari Cableway
Experience a mix of unique sensations: uncontaminated nature, paths and woods which are never overcrowded, natural parks with a large variety of plants and animals, amazing canyons and bijoux lakes, unique and genuine dishes having a great flavour.   www.promotur.org/tarvisio/ticket
●  Alpine coaster
The Alpine Coaster stretches over an area 800m long: 665m. downhill track, 215m. uphill track and a difference in height of 73m. The rail track is characterized by a series of curves with various height differences and radii, a loop (closed radius with a 360° curvature) and a series of woops and bumps to let you feel the adrenaline flooding your body also on straight rail tracks. The project includes also the construction of two tunnels; one for the uphill rail track and the other for the downhill rail track not to collide with the ski run. The whole plant has been realized both for fun-leisure time purposes, but also to practice a sport. Therefore its designers conceived a downhill rail track having in each point not less than 11% pitch. In this way the bob sleds run as a result of the force of gravity. Anyway speed can be adjusted by the driver himself, regulating as he prefers the action of the brakes with the ad hoc lateral levers. What is very important to remember is that the elevated rail track is formed by three pairs of welded stainless steel rail tracks and by cross plates conceived to provide support and also to ensure the rails remain parallel. Where difference in height exceeds 15% rails have been coated with a highly rough substance. The reason is preventing slipping. Of course the plant is provided with specific safety systems and the exciting steep curves and bumps are under control. The rAlpine Coaster with two rails renders the snow park on the Piana dell'Angelo even more exciting and attractive for our guests. Opening dal 1 luglio al 11 settembre 2016    https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=884195901603629&set=vb.216950898328136&type=2&theater
Cross-country skiing, which in the Tarvisio area, fully satisfies the needs of the amateur and the professional, can be done even at an altitude to cover a total of over 60 km of tracks; with a classic sprint or free style anyone can take on a discipline, which, besides being a sport, offers the possibility of appreciating the immense value of the view. Even for skiing of the great north, expert instructors provide lessons of any type, for individuals or groups. With excursions in Carinthia and Slovenia. TECHNICAL DATA : PIANA DI FUSINE: Height 858 m, Length 7.5 km, Difficulty average FUSINE LAKES: Height 947 m, Length 8.0 km, Difficulty average VALCANALE CROSS-COUNTRY SKI SCHOOL Via Saisera. 1-33010 Valbruna (UD).Tel./Fax 0428-63143 Via Alpi Giulie, 44 - 33010 Camporosso (UD). Tel. 0428-40474 - Fax 0428-40723 Activities: Children's courses ,Competitive courses ,Winter holidays, Excursions, Organisation of Competitions , Teaching : Classical technique , Free-skating technique (skating steps), Technical assistance and ski waxing    www.tarvisiano.org/jsptarvisiano/cont.jsp?news=1506
●  Alpine Skiing
The Tarvisio area: exciting slopes like the "Super Canin" in Sella Nevea, "B" and "Florianca" in Tarvisio, "Di Prampero" in Camporosso. All equipped with programmed artificial snowing technology. The skiing schools offer continuously innovative and enjoyable courses to make learning easy. For children, adults, individuals and groups. Skilift installations: Tarvisio e Sella Nevea Kanin Info Skipass : -Tarvisio Via Priesnig, 34 - 33018 Tarvisio (UD) Tel. 0428-2967 -Telecabina Monte Lussari Località Camporosso Tel. 0428-64982 - 653915 -Località Sella Nevea - 33010 Chiusaforte (UD) Tel. 0433-54026 Skiing schools: Activities:Innovative teaching programmes,Teaching techniques that are fun ,Group courses ,Children's courses, Competitive courses , Individual lessons ,Video shots with instructor's comments Competition at the end of the course ,Torchlight processions,Excursions abroad ,Ski total,Snowboard lessons ,Telemark Addresses: DOWNHILL SKI AND SNOWBOARD SCHOOL-TELEMARK Via Priesnig, 18 - 33018 Tarvisio (UD) Tel./Fax 0428 - 2022 DOWNHILL SKI AND SNOWBOARD SCHOOL-TELEMARK At Sella Nevea - 33010 Chiusaforte (UD) Tel./Fax 0433 - 54028    www.promotur.org/tarvisio/skimap
●  Sleddog - Mushing
International Mushing School The emotion of mushing with expert instructors The International Mushing School of Tarvisio represents the regional headquarters of the Italian school of this discipline. It is run by Ararad Khatchikian and Monica D'Eliso who can boast the expeditions in Alaska. With them anyone, from children to adults, can approach this sport and become a Musher (in jargon, a sled driver). Ararad, Monica and their generous dogs are waiting for you to take you on excursions suitable for everyone in the forest of Tarvisio and the Park of the Julian Alps. You can also become a spectator of one of the numerous competitions that the school organises, from the traditional Julian Alps Trophy for the dog cycle, dog trekking and kart (generally in the month of June), to the historical Alpe Adria Trophy for sleddog, ski joring and pulka (generally in January or February). The International Mushing School of Tarvisio offers sleddog, ski joring, dog trekking, dog cycle, pulka karts, individual and group courses. SCUOLA INTERNAZIONALE MUSHING RUTTE DI TARVISIO Localita' Alpe di Spaik Info and bookings: Tel. 348-2685867 cell. 348-3745119 Fax 0428-40566 e-mail: ararad@ararad.net    www.ararad.net
●  The snowshoe
Snowshoes are truly newsworthy and have become a veritable phenomenon. People like snowshoeing because it is easy and does not require any particular technical or athletic training. With their simplicity - which, in the end, rests in the primordial simplicity of walking - snowshoes can help you explore nature at its most fascinating, using paths that would have been inaccessible otherwise. They allow you to discover the hidden thrills of the enchanted winter world of the mountains at the right rhythm: that is, at the pace of a walk. There is no need to climb up to an altitude and beyond the vegetation to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Snowshoes are highly gratifying at more "popular" altitudes as well, where you can let your curiosity run wild along the trails in complete safety. All you need are your snowshoes, a backpack, a few friends, and you are off. Park your car and make your way calmly to an Alpine hut. Then, keep going for a few hundred meters before continuing through the meadows and fir woods at a safe, light pace to explore these unforgettable landscapes.  
●  Alpine skiing
Alpine skiing in a really particular area Alpine skiing in the Julian Alps: suitable for all, but also for the real experts and enthusiasts of daring itineraries through wildlife in the search for solitude and silence. The mountain area, with really particular features, offers diverse and deep valleys, which - apparently inaccessible during winter - open up to various excursionist skiing itineraries thanks to a close network of forest trails. Scuola di Alpinismo e Scialpinismo del Friuli Venezia Giulia e-mail guide.fvg@libero.it oppure info@guidealpinefvg.it CAI TARVISIO www.caitarvisio.it sentieri@caitarvisio.it